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A Love Story

Formulated with a proprietary blend of pure and highly concentrated EGCG*-rich green tea extract, key nutrients, trace minerals, and an anti-aging antioxidant blend, Green Tea HP™ is simply the most effective and sustainable way to change the way you look and feel, today--and tomorrow. But the number of superior ingredients, fabulous flavors, calories (but who's counting?), and immediate and cumulative benefits (way more than we can fit on our homepage, so explore our site!) only tell half the story.

The science of attraction aside, you will fall in love with Green Tea HP™ because it tastes so good and makes you feel so great. That's because, it's more than a beverage, it's a life changing experience. Why? Because unlike other nutritional supplements, weightloss plans, or energy and workout drinks, it's simple! Simply delicious, easy, affordable, and effective! And, most importantly, Green Tea HP™ is a commitment you can keep.

How it works

We formulate the optimal amount of EGCG into the ultimate blend of energy, anti-aging, wellness, and weight loss promoting ingredients and pack it all into one single-serve pixie that mixes instantly with water so you can take Green Tea HP™ with you anywhere, anytime.

You reduce your consumption of high-calorie, low-nutrition beverages like coffee, energy drinks, weight loss supplements and sodas by replacing them with Green Tea HP™. Not only do you eliminate extra calories and unhealthy chemicals from your diet, you increase your metabolism, energy level (and productivity), and overall wellness.

Everyone else notices the improvement in your energy, appearance, and attitude. Just by eliminating what your body doesn't need and providing it with the critical ingredients it does need, you dramatically change your body's ability to stay healthy, active, and prevent the signs and symptoms of aging.

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