About Green Tea HP™

Green Tea has been brewed and consumed for thousands of years as a professed “aid to many health ailments.”
Even though the health benefits of green tea have become more commonly known throughout the world, the consumption of green tea has not caught on due to a variety of reasons – taste, lack of supply, access, differing cultural norms, and on and on. Green Tea HP™, however, is quickly overcoming those barriers. It tastes great, is convenient and very accessible. Most importantly, its healthy ingredients are supported by verifiable scientific research.
Green Tea HP™ contains the right amount of EGCG, the antioxidant that is specific to green tea. EGCG has been researched in thousands of clinical trials and studies throughout the last fifty years. This powerful antioxidant assists in neutralizing free radicals that produce harmful effects in your body. Free radicals are associated with aging, cancer, alcohol induced liver damage, smoking related diseases, and a host of other illnesses.
Studies show that EGCG can play a key role in defending the health risks associated with free radicals, and is pivotal in repairing damage that creates even the most common of illnesses that plague the general population.
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