Our Goal

Yeah, it's cool that we've sold over 68 million pixies and counting, but only because it's a really easy way for us to measure our real goal: become the best share company in the world. And by "share" company, we aren't talking about profit sharing (but we do that too and you can learn more in the Join Our Team section of this site).
What "share" means to us is more along the lines of what your mom meant when she said to share your Halloween candy with your sister or your favorite toy with your friend. It means that if something brings you joy or improves your life, you should offer someone else this same opportunity to experience something good by sharing it.
And because of the way we do business--sharing pixies and telling others how GreenTeaHP has improved our lives --each pixie really represents a story shared.
In fact, even better than seeing the numbers, is hearing the real stories of how our customers were introduced to the business, the ways their lives have changed, and the interesting places they've shared their stories with others. To share your story with us, click on the Share Your Story link below.
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