Take the GreenTeaHP Seven Day Challenge

Three Times. Three Ways. Seven Days.

Simply substitute GreenTeaHP for your ordinary beverages at least three times a day for seven days. Just fill your purse or pockets with a few pixies and bring your own beverage everywhere you go.

It's easy as one, two, three

  • Three Times
  • 1. One with breakfast
  • 2. One with lunch
  • 3. And one on the go

Three Ways

  • Instead of morning coffee, mix a 13 calorie Vanilla Cappuccino GreenTeaHP on your way to the office.
  • 2. Instead of mid-day or lunchtime soda, try an icy cold bottle of Lemon GreenTeaHP or Pink Sparkle
  • 3. Searching for something sweet after dinner? Indulge your craving with Raspberry Cream or Key Lime Cream.

In Just Seven Days

  • you'll have more energy
  • look refreshed and rejuvinated
  • and will have made a critical initial investement in your long term health.

GreenTeaHP is not a supplement, it's a substitute.

Replace the high-cost, high-calorie, low-nutrition drinks that currently provide you no nutritional value, with GreenTeaHP. You not only reduce your consumption of high-calorie, low-nutrition beverages, you increase your intake of energy, anti-aging, wellness, and weight loss promoting ingredients.
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Take the challenge
  • 1. Please share with us where and when you first experienced Green Tea HP™.
  • 2. Purchase Green Tea HP™ if you do not already have enough on hand.
  • 3. Write -- "I commit to the Seven Day Challenge." We will follow up to help you hit your goal.
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