Why Drink Green Tea?

Our bodies are made up of 70 percent water and every day we consume more than a gallon of liquid. With the highest consumption of soda and overpriced calorie-rich coffee drinks in the world, Americans spend more on unhealthy beverages than any other culture.
In just the US alone, Americans consume over 15 billion gallons of soda a year and have the highest rate of obesity in the world. Some health experts calculate that the risk between weight gain and soda consumption is so strong, the risk of obesity could be increased 1.6 times for every can of soda consumed per day over a year. In addition to soda consumption being linked to weight gain, it’s also linked to osteoporosis, tooth decay, high blood pressure, and diabetes.
In contrast, cultures that drink green tea have the longest life expectancy rates, have decreased incidences of chronic diseases, have increased quality of life, and have the lowest obesity rates. In addition, green tea has been proven to increase energy, promote well-being, increase metabolization of fats, and increase weight loss daily.
With health care costs increasing and risks of developing obesity, diabetes, and multiple chronic diseases on the rise, simply changing what you drink could be the simplest way to dramatically improve long-term health.
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