Fast Facts On Soda

Might as well flush it. With virtually no nutritional value, drinking soda is like flushing an opportunity for improved health down the toilet every time you drink one. And in just the US alone, we do just that to the tune of over 15 billion gallons a year in soda consumption. Put into perspective, that’s nearly 15 times the amount of water we flushed down toilets in the United States last year.
How ads subtract health care dollars from your wallet. Last year just the top two leading cola companies spent well over 2 billion dollars in advertising. Given that soda consumption is linked to osteoporosis, tooth decay, high blood pressure and diabetes, it’s interesting to note that last year's ad money is essentially more than twice the amount needed to cover the expected annual increase to health care costs per household this year.
How phat (or fat) are your math skills? Some health experts calculate that the risk between weight gain and soda consumption is so strong, the risk of obesity could be increased 1.6 times for every can of soda consumed per day over a year. With Americans throwing away approximately 35 Billion aluminum cans last year, that’s some big math!
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