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Green Tea HP™ Affiliate Program
Thank you for your interest in promoting Green Tea HP™! Start today with our Affiliate Program and you can begin earning up to 20% on all sales.

Benefits of Green Tea HP™ Affiliate Program

Unbeatable Commissions
You will earn up to 20% on all sales from the start, with the opportunity to increase your percentages.
Huge Selection
The Green Tea HP™ is available for over 27 delicious pixie powdered flavors.
Green Tea HP™ is a pixie powdered, shake and drink health beverage. Green Tea HP™ is a healthy alternative to high calorie junk beverages, lattes, coffees, energy drinks...
Customer Service
We are serious about excellent customer service, and take pride in our ability to resolve customer concerns.

Green Tea HP™ Affiliate Program Advantages

High Conversion Rates makes it easy for your customers to find and buy the Green Tea HP™. We take pride in our conversion rates.
Quantity Discounts
We offer shipping discounts and wholesale discounts to your customers for buying more than one item.
Custom Banners and Ads
Need a custom banner or text link for your website? We will create one to fit your website design.
Full Product Catalog
Sell individual products with ease. Our product catalog makes it easy to sell the Green Tea HP™.
Affiliate Management
Need help, tips or suggestions? We have a full time in-house affiliate manager to help you effectively sell the Green Tea HP™ on your website.
How it Works
Green Tea HP™ Affiliate Program is conveniently set up through Commission Junction. Simply sign up for a Commission Junction account Click Here. Commission Junction will monitor and process all commission tracking and payments.
All links from your website to contain a specific tracking code that ties all transaction activity back to your website. Every time a customer comes to from your website and makes a purchase, you get the credit!
Commission Junction maintains a selection of available links to assure that all purchases are tracked correctly. We encourage feedback on our link choices and landing pages. If you would like a specific banner or link, we will do our best to accommodate you.
You will earn up to 20% of final net sales. Please see our Affiliate Agreement for more details.
Monitoring your sales is easy. We provide online reports through the Commission Junction network 24 hours a day. These reports will show you how many customers linked to from your website and how much you have earned in commissions.
To get started, create and log in to your Commission Junction account and search Get Links for Green Tea HP™. You will find our latest selection of links here. You are free to promote the Green Tea HP™ in any way, provided it does not violate our Affiliate Agreement. You may also use the Green Tea HP™ logo on your website, as long as you do not alter the logo in any way.
Please sign up now and become a part of Green Tea HP™ Affiliate Community!

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