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Pink Mix Box

(30 Count)

3 Delicious Flavors:

  • Pink
  • Pink Crush
  • Pink Sparkle

$59.95 /


Pink by GreenTeaHP contains 30 Pink pixies: you choose three ten packs of the following flavors; Pink, Pink Crush or Pink Sparkle, a one month supply. For best results, pour into 12 - 16 ounces of cold water and shake. To be consumed once daily, on workout days; before, during or after workout.

Pink: A Spark of Imagination Combined with Action, Equals A Lifetime of Expectation. Elegance. Intelligence and Grace. Slight Antiseptic Smell of Corporate. Crisp Tired Eyes of Security. Sweat of Perseverance. Brilliant Shades of Gold. Texture of Canvas. Slight Nod of Approval. Sweet Smile. Acceptance. The Courage of One, Inspires Many.

Pink Crush: A Brief Moment Between Strangers Can Soften the Loneliest of Hearts. A Sigh. A Pause. Eye Contact from Train to Platform. An Easy Smile from one Lady to Another. The Train begins to Move. A Joyful Exchange, Contagious. The Truly Confident never Hesitate to Give Freely.

Pink Sparkle: Just a sip and suddenly a day that seemed dismal sparkles, obstacles reinvent themselves as opportunities, and your heart skips a beat at the mere thought of the untapped power of your potential!
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